Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my LoveLife Rock?

All of my rocks are protected with a spray matte sealer. To clean the stone please use a soft dry cloth and gently remove any dust, but do not press too hard. Also, do not scratch the stone or drop it, as that may damage the paint.

The stone may resist a short contact with water, but must not be submerged in water or left outside during rain.

Please note - my rocks are little art pieces and require gentle handling.

Can I request a rock with a specific design?

Absolutely! If you would like a version one of the rocks that I've already painted or if you have something that is dear to your heart....like an animal, symbol, design.... whatever....and would like me to paint something specific and meaningful to you, or a rock in memory of someone, let me know. These rocks also make a really special gift for someone or just for yourself.

What types of diapercakes can be made?

Anything! I have made diapercakes for MANY different styles/themes. Typically I ask the client what the theme of the baby's room is and we go from there. I try to include items that can be used as decorations in the baby's room as well as including items that can be used by/for the baby. Every single item used to compose the babycake can be used! I also include the size of the diapers that I used to build the cake. Prices vary depending on the size/style of the cake, ranging from $250.00 - $550.00 (& higher). Some cakes stand as high as 5ft! The sky is the limit! My diapercakes make a perfect gift for several people to go in on ($$$) together. Note: Prices are not always due to the size of the diapercake. For example, the Harley Davidson Motorcycle diapercake was $500 - due to the fact that it had many actual baby items from the Harley Davidson store attached/included in it. If "designer" items are requested to be included on a specific order, that can affect the price. I include many, many goodies on every single diapercake and really try to shop wisely for each order, unless otherwise specified as noted above.